Primary Current Project:

      Campaign Strategy in Latin America

Working Papers

Aguilar, Rosario, Saul Cunow, and Scott Desposato. 2012. “The Racial Democracy? Latent Racial Cues and Vote Choice in Brazil”. Under review.

Desposato, Scott and Barbara Norrander. 2012. "The Gender Gap in Public Opinion in Latin America: Individual and Institutional Factors". Under Review.

Desposato, Scott, Matt Ingram, and Osmar Lannes. 2012. "The New Politics of the Brazilian Judiciary".  Invitation to revise and resubmit.

Brown, David, Chris Brown, and Scott Desposato. 2012. "The Impact of NGO's on Turnout and Vote Choice in Brazil". Under Review.

Desposato, Scott. Going Negative in Comparative Perspective: Electoral Rules, Competition, and Consolidation in Ten Latin American Countries

Desposato, Scott. The Impact of Campaign Messages in New Democracies: Results From An Experiment in Brazil

Desposato, Scott and Francisco Cantu. "How to Measure Legislative Cohesion with Spatial Models."

Cantu, Francisco, Scott Desposato, and Eric Magar. "Roll-Call Votes, Agenda Control, and Transparency in Mexico's Chamber of Deputies."

Aguilar, Rosario, Saul Cunow, and Scott Desposato. "Race, Ballot Structure, and Vote Choice in Brazil: Report from a Field Experiment".

Journal Articles

Cantu, Francisco, Scott Desposato, and Eric Magar. Forthcoming. “Methodological Considerations for Students of Mexican Legislative Politics: Selection Bias in Roll-Call Votes”. Politica y Gobierno.

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Other Publications

Scott Desposato. Book Review: "The Handbook of National Legislatures, by M. Steven Fish and Matthew Kroenig." Legislative Studies Quarterly, Forthcoming.

Scott Desposato. Estratégia Eleitoral com Representação Proporcional de Lista Aberta e Distritos de Um Membro: Subeleitorados e Comunicação Política. In Magna Inácio and Lucio Rennó, editors, Legislativo Brasileiro em Perspectiva Comparada, pages 269–292. Editora UFMG, Belo Horizonte, 2010

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Determine Brazilian Legislative Politics". in Informal Institutions and

Democratic Politics. Edited by Steven Levitsky and Gretchen Helmke.

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Advantage: New Voters, Redistricting, and the Personal Vote". InRedistricting in the New Millenium. Edited by Peter Galderisi. Lanham: Lexington Books. Forthcoming.

Desposato, Scott. Forthcoming. "Explaining Patterns of Oversight in

Brazilian Subnational Governments". In Legislative Oversight: Theories and Practices. Edited by Dave Olson, Riccardo Pelizzo, and Frank Stapehurst. WBI Working Papers Series on Contemporary Issues in Parliamentary Development.

The World Bank.

Working Papers and Projects

Judicial Behavior in Civil Law Systems: Changing Patterns on the Brazilian Supremo Tribunal Federal. (With Matt Ingram and Osmar Lannes).

Going Negative in Comparative Perspective: Electoral Rules, Competition, and  Consolidation in Ten Latin American Countries

The Impact of Campaign Messages in New Democracies:

Results From An Experiment in Brazil

"Conditional Logit with Unobserved Choice Set Selection" Working Paper.

"An Agent-Based Model of Electoral Systems"Working Paper.

"The Impact of Party-Switching on Legislative Behavior in Brazil" Working Paper.

Dissertation Chapters

Title: "Institutional Theories, Societal Realities, and Party Politics in Brazil"

Here are some dissertation chapters. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.

Abstract of the Dissertation

Chapter 2: Societal Variables and Party Labels: A Comparison of Five State Party Systems in Brazil

Chapter 3: Would SMD Fix Brazil's Party System? A Comparison of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate

Chapter 4: The Mechanisms and Impact of Federalism on Brazilian Parties



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